Heeling correctly is one of the most important parts of performing blind retrieves. If you can not get your dog to heel and make adjustments at the line it is very difficult to get that initial line. Getting that initial …Read more »

find it

TheĀ Find It Drill, as I like to call it, is something I like to do if I ever have cover by my place. It really helps the dogs learn how to use their nose. I usually place about a dozen …Read more »

2014-02-02 12.15.22

Now that duck season has ended I figured I needed to get out and enjoy a morning of hunting quail. After grabbing a little breakfast at the gas station/McDonalds in Gold Canyon Benito and Junior followed me out to a …Read more »

2014-01-26 07.58.15

After an enjoyable morning of field hunting yesterday we decided we would head out there again this morning. This time Matt decided to join Chris and I. We showed up about 15 or 20 minutes before shooting time, threw out …Read more »

2014-01-25 09.46.16

A friend sent me a text yesterday with some pictures of ducks on his land. He had just irrigated and now had ducks hanging around eating hid alfalfa. So I immediately got my gun and cruised over to his place. …Read more »


Shot a two man limit with Chris at Roosevelt. Was probably the best hunt ever. Saw at least 40 birds land in the spread before sun up. We were the only ones up there. Duke did awesome. He made a …Read more »


Had a real successful morning out by myself this morning. Everything went smooth and I shot a limit of ducks. This was probably the most enjoyable solo hunt I ever been on. After my hunt at Roosevelt I stopped by …Read more »

2013-11-28 09.12.38

  Went out to Roosevelt with chris in the small boat. Water level was at 46%. We didn’t get back to our spot until just before legal shooting time so we kind of missed the first flight. Chris also sat …Read more »

2013-11-27 09.18.59

Went to Roosevelt with Chris to hunt/scout. It was our first trip out there this year. We first hunted the north east side of Roosevelt but we were in the quicksand mud that made it awful. We took a drive …Read more »

2013-11-22 08.11.23

  Went to a new spot on the lower end in with Matt. He trolled out there on his stealth while I followed paddling in a kayak I borrowed from on of my friends. The picture shows 4 gadwall we …Read more »